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Talent Boost Finland

We help companies to find international talents and to develop the effectiveness of multinational teams.

What is Talent Boost?

Designed for businesses operating in Finland, Talent Boost is a service package that connects companies with the top talent in various fields.  We help companies to internationalize by supporting the recruitment of international experts.

The talents needed by the companies can be found in Finland, for example, among the international students who have graduated here, or they can also be recruited from abroad.

More than 3,000 international students graduate from Finnish universities every year. They have a global vision, experience and networks that are valuable for companies operating in Finland.

We organise networking events, recruitment campaigns and funding for the recruitment of international talents. Recruitment campaigns and events are also organised in cooperation with cities and the EURES network.

An international team creates the preconditions for success

International growth requires international expertise. According to research, companies with diverse staff thrive in the global market. These companies understand the needs of different customers, negotiation cultures and business practices, among other things. A diversity of views often leads to innovative solutions in the development of products and services.

Companies that can access an extensive international talent pool are more likely to find the specific expertise they require. Many Finnish professionals also want to work in companies that have an international team.

Companies that already have international teams in their home country are also successful in managing operations abroad.

What does Talent Boost offer your company?

The Talent Boost network helps companies to find and recruit the international talents they need. Take advantage of the services provided by the different actors, from networking to hiring, and enable your company's growth with the help of international talents.

Business Finland's services

1) Explore and apply for TalentExplorer funding for recruiting international talent. In addition, research and development funding can be utilized in hiring international talents, when the funded project aims to for example develop new products, services, production methods or business models.

2) Use the Jobs in Finland website for recruitment by announcing new English-speaking vacancies for talents.

3) Recruit an international student or recent graduate from a Finnish university via Job Teaser platform. We're piloting this service during autumn and we're offering a free-of-charge trial for companies. Contact coordinator Vilma Vainikainen vilma.vainikainen (a) if interested in joining the trial.

4) Participate in recruitment campaigns and events. Read more on the Work In Finland website and follow the #Finlandworks LinkedIn page.

5) Test your company's readiness to recruit an international talent with the Talent Boost Index.

Services in the
Talent Boost

Take advantage of your local services for recruiting international talent. Explore the programs of International House HelsinkiHelsinki Business Hub or the cities of EspooOuluTurkuTampere and Vantaa as well as Talent coastline program at Ostrobothnian Regions.

TE-live offers visibility for your recruitment process, saves you time and gives you the opportunity to enhance your employer image. Read more.

Get personal service for international recruitment from the national advice service, by email or telephone +358 40 922 5126. 

Conduct a comprehensive search for talent in the whole EU area with the EURES recruitment service.

Search for talent for your business through local internship and mentoring programs, for example, HelsinkiUNI International (Helsinki), Entrypoint Mentoring (Helsinki), WomenTo mentoring (Helsinki), Hidden Gems (Tampere) and Talent Tampere (Tampere).

Find international talents studying and graduating from the Finnish universities through Aarresaari service or contact the universities in your area directly.

Private sector services

Check out also private sector services here.

Contact us

Head of Talent Boost

Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä

Service Manager, Talent Boost

Minh Lam

+358 50 557 7743
Talent attraction manager

Katri Raevuori

+358 50 537 6191
Talent Boost Coordinator

Vilma Vainikainen

+358 50 313 2284
Business development manager

Joonas Halla

+358 50 346 5256
Senior advisor, start-up companies

Annamari Soikkeli

Project Manager, Talent Boost India

Santeri Ojala

Talent Boost marketing

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