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Digital Health & Wellbeing solutions available anywhere and anytime

The program offers innovation funding and useful networks as well as internationalization and export services for the digital transformation of the health and wellbeing sector.

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About program

The aim of the Smart Life Finland program (2019–2022) is to promote personal, real-time and intelligent health and wellbeing solutions that are accessible anywhere and at anytime.

Business Finland is ready to fund the program with EUR 80–100 million. In addition, the aim is to launch four growth engines in the health and wellbeing industry during the program through Growth Engine funding.

The program is being launched in the context of the transformations taking place in the health and wellbeing sector. People are increasingly interested in their own health and wellbeing, and also willing to take responsibility for it. There is a need for personal and smart health and wellbeing solutions. The number of people in the workforce is decreasing due to the changing population structure which is also creating a greater need for care globally. It is therefore essential to develop solutions for reducing costs.

The program boosts the development of health and wellbeing services through digitalization, exponential technologies (e.g. XR, AI, 5G), the platform economy and testbed environments. For more information on leading Finnish testbeds please visit Testbeds in Finland for Health Technology.

The program has two focus areas:

A living environment that promotes health and wellbeing

  • Solutions and services related to smart homes and living environments, nutrition, efficient data utilization, artificial intelligence or virtual reality

Transforming healthcare 

  • Solutions and services for the whole care path. For example: virtual hospitals, testbed environments, innovative public procurements as well as remote monitoring, diagnostics and other homecare solutions. 

Often the greatest advances are made together. Networking across sectoral and national boundaries as well as cooperation with research organizations can open up entirely new growth prospects for companies. Companies can boost their exports by creating compelling joint offerings. The program offers the best of Business Finland's services to make all this happen. Let's make Finland the best place in the world for developing and testing digital health and wellbeing solutions!


We support the growth and renewal of Finnish companies of all sizes as well as research organizations and public health and wellbeing operators.


  • Nordic countries, Germany and UK
  • Singapore, the Gulf region, Japan and Australia
  • USA


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Companies and research organizations can apply for Business Finland´s funding at anytimeLearn more about our funding services here.

Companies can apply for funding for their own development project or joint projects implemented with other companies. The program also provides funding for public research in Co-Innovation joint actions undertaken by universities, research organizations and companies.

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Program in media

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Head of Smart Life Finland Program

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Senior Advisor, Health & Wellbeing, Invest in Finland

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Head of Health and Travel Industry, Invest in Finland

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Global Opportunity Leader, Health & Wellbeing

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