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Instructions on how to apply for a change in the project

Even in a well-planned project there may be a need to appoint a new person in charge, more time is required or the costs have exceeded the budget. For most project changes, you will need advance consent from Business Finland, but in some cases a notification will suffice. Discuss significant changes in large projects with your contact person in advance.

Apply for a change in the online service when your project changes

  • schedule
  • accountable leader
  • cost estimate
  • funding plan
  • project plan
  • project terms and conditions

Log in to the online service

Complete the change application in the online service on the "Changes" tab. You can select more than one change for the same application. Under "Other changes", you can indicate, for example, a change of the decision's event condition, a suspension of the project or a change in the public research steering group.

The change application can be submitted by the accountable project leader or a person with the right of representation entered into the Trade Register or separately notified to Business Finland.

Did you receive funding for business development in distruptive circumstances?

  • A change application is not required, if the project is extended by a maximum of 4 months or ends earlier than anticipated.
  • A change application is not required for a change between cost categories that does not exceed 20% of the cost estimate.


See the instructions for other changes