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The purest food comes from Finland

Finland is known for thousands of lakes, green forests, northern lights, and the midnight sun. Being the greenest country in the world, it is only natural that Finland is also home to naturally delicious, pure, safe and healthy food.

Why Finnish food products are among the best in the world

Finland has the northernmost agriculture in the world and produces the purest food in Europe. Finnish wild forest berries, luminous oats, and livestock are grown and cultivated in the clean arctic air with very limited need for pesticides. Due to Finland's long and harsh winters, plants utilise the short summers, midnight sun, clean soil and water to the fullest. The result is the dense and unique taste of Finnish food.

Secret of the happiest people

Pure, healthy, and delicious food makes people happy, and Finns are said to be some of the happiest people on earth. Our secret to happiness is the Finnish lifestyle, where we care for nature and eat healthy and safe food. We want our animals to be healthy and happy too. We do not use antibiotics in meat production to boost growth, and we have an efficient food safety control system. Finland has one of the highest food safety standards in the EU.

Purest water flows in Finland

Finland is filled with clean blue and crystal clean lakes. In fact, there are a total of 188 000 lakes in here! So it is not a coincidence that Finland is also home for premium water products and beverages. Finnish water is said to be the best water in the world by UNESCO, and we export it to nearly all continents.

Among the world's purest, the water that flows out of the tap in Finland is also the essence of Finnish premium alcoholic products. Like our naturally delicious food, Finnish alcohol(ic) drinks share the same untamed, unique flavours stemming from the Arctic nature.

Ready to serve health conscius and demanding consumers

Finns are passionate about pure and healthy food. Our super-healthy oats are one of the corner stones of both the Finnish cuisine and food industry, and we are the second-largest exporter of oats in the world. Luminous oats lower cholesterol, keep the blood sugar level low, and support gut health.

Finns are also world leaders in nutritional expertise, with vast expertise in catering to special diets and offering functional, gluten- and lactose-free foods.

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